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The Idea behind 'A Flower Child'

Founder's Statement

“I am Neha Khaitan, an Illustrator and a Bharatanatyam (a South Indian Classical Dance form) Dancer. I use dancing and illustrations as a tool for expression.

I worked as an apprentice under various Visual and Fine Artists, and the Residency Programme at School of Visual Arts, NYC,  on ‘Illustration and Visual Storytelling for Arts and Industry’ gave valuable feedback, an anchor for myself, and insights into the direction I should be taking. A Flower Child is a platform I founded for Visual Arts and Storytelling. The short video above explains why the name ‘A Flower Child’.

The idea is to combat the issues I see with the art community focussing on getting into the minds of the artist who are no longer with us, and also spreading awareness and giving a voice to some exemplary artists, especially in the rural regions of the country.


Workshops: A Flower Child invites artists and artisans from all over the country, even the interiors of states to conduct workshops to spread awareness of the different styles, culture and history of art forms and crafts.


Upcycled Products

At A Flower Child, we work with NGOs and Artisans in and outside Hyderabad to Upcycle excess Material like Fabric, Wood to create industry standard Totes, Bags, Notebooks and Art on Wood. These are all handmade and handcrafted by highly skilled hands and these products see people coming back to them once they have had a taste of one.


The store is a collection of my own artwork and upcycled merchandise. Most of my artwork have a story to tell and the mediums are ink on paper, pastels, and collages.

On Storytelling - Bharatanatyam, an ancient Indian Classical Dance Form has its unique abstract dance form (nritta), hand gestures (mudras) and expressions (Abhinaya). Being a Bharatanatyam Dancer I try to incorporate these into my storytelling. My stories are inspired by real incidents, science, folklore, children’s stories, mythology or my own experiences I make stories out of. I work with an Orchestra team of highly skilled musicians to include classical music in my Storytelling Performances.

Storytelling Workshops - I also conduct workshops to educate participants and imbibe into them the elements like improvement in communication skills, body language, creative thinking storytelling brings along with it,  primarily applicable to the children and youth of today.


I am always on the lookout for interactions with different artists and like minded people. Please feel free to get in touch at / should you like to initiate a conversation or get some custom made products!

Thank you for reading."

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