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Angry? Go work out?

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

When I am profusely upset or angry, ironically, I start working out or munching on something really unhealthy (read suiting my taste buds). I think most of us do.

Yeah we know our system releases a gallons of feel good hormones, never mind the names for now, when we are working out.

But what I wonder is, when we are angry, I mean really angry or upset, these good hormones, leave alone hormones, nothing good comes to our head. At least not to mine! So then why do I in this exact sequence, nothing intervening

a) pounce off

b) get into my workout attire

c) tie a high, tight pony and

d) start working out like a manic unleashed bull!

Again, I am aware many do that. Now, I really don’t know how healthy this is for us. All I have been doing is trying to read and get answers to this.

But yeah at the end we do feel energetic and a super-human none-can-do-anything-to-me kind of feeling which at least is close to ephemeral for me. That’s how these good hormones work, they disappear like hot cakes at least for that day till you produce more the next day?

Just to establish the context, of late, I have not been doing great, have knowingly slowed down what I need to do for my pursuits which does disturb me time to time, and I lost a very dear Uncle (my beloved Guru’s beloved husband) just day before. The general feeling has not been very good.

I had a pretty long, tiring day yesterday with health, notwithstanding, I shoved in work more than I could take. However the day ended really happy because of the festivities, meeting up with friends and I slept off tired, with a very peaceful mind. All’s well that ends well for my day.

I thought I would take it easy today. Read, watch movies, tend to some work with my plants, which is being ignored because of asthma which set in of late etc etc etc. And I do have a coffee evening with a very dear friend/colleague. Lots of good things you see. And so I was tossing and turning in bed, my mind full of beautiful ideas for the day.

And then this horrible thing, never mind what it was, which really got me upset, and before that would kick off a series of unhealthy pins, I mean unhealthy too, for the whole ecosystem around me, I got into exercises and did good, I mean really good. Yeah I do work out almost daily, and it really helps my asthma, mental health, knee issues and yes, a sincere effort to take off the stubborn-not-to-mention number of kilos I put on, but today was different after long.

So yeah the coming back to the crux of this ramble - very obviously, unknowingly we have adapted to just grabbing things which satiates us just when we need it. Sweets, Food, Sex, Exercises, Long Runs, Read, Write, Plants, Flowers, Water, Alcohol, Nicotine and the list goes on. Survival instincts, yeah?

P.S - If anyone is well informed about anything other than survival instincts part, do let me know. I am curious in general.

After my workouts

I normally wipe off and get into my night clothes after a workout and before a shower. So that's me then.

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