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Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Shutki Machh

My Saturday was extremely gloomy post my morning practice. One of my coleus plants was limp, and no matter what I did, it remained as it was, and that only made me feel worse.

Sometimes distractions like some simple DIYs or things to spruce up corners of my house add a little cheer - so I used old jam jars and stones to do a money plant 'potting' n stuff but nothing mattered!

Money plant
Sprucing up a corner, A Distraction?

A respite was VK playing well for RCB then but then I lapsed back!

An artist (professional) friend was to come over in the evening, I was really tempted to call it off, but my courteous self took the better of my mood, and I quickly gave my dull face a makeover with my eye liner and bindi. I thought I did! Btw, I need to get rid of this resort I find in the liner and bindi, which I imagine can make me dance well, look bright in my dullest moments, and more of such I really can't think of at the moment. I know where I picked this up from - it all started with my 4 o'clock dance classes I used to run to after an afternoon snooze sometimes. And I believed the liner and bindi would do the magic of making my face look less sullen. #oldhabitsdiehard

Wilted like my Coleus, Fake look

Okay so coming back to where I was - My friend surprised me with his original work he brought over for me! That's 'shutki machh' in Bengali (dried fish). The evening just started feeling better.

And the bigger thing was he picked up one watercolor painting (flower vase) I made about 13 years back saying he loved it! (I still have no clue what he loved so much but he made me take it off my wall and pack it for him! Sweet, I thought :))

Watercolor, 2007

And yeah, he went around my house so closely enjoying the paintings, prints, artifacts I collected from my museum visits and other travels. What meant to me was the artists' connect.

We chatted about different artists, styles, art periods and all of that.

Lesson learnt - Courtesy is virtue.

Ok bye. Good night world. Wish you a good tomorrow.

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