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Circle of Life

I am penning down the sequence of events exactly as it took place.

Sister discarded a laminated frame from her young days -

I picked it up from the bin -

Ignored all usual scorns from Mom 'n' Sister -

I found very few, almost dried, acrylic paints at home -

I am avoiding store visits -

The below is the quickest and best I could do out of what I had -

Plan to gift it to sis, hoping it makes it a penny's worth to her now.

This frame just started its new life!

Notwithstanding all its tragedies, the pandemic and lockdown has forced us to be indoors, and I indulge in gardening, kids' activities and a lot of reusing and recycling, in the wealth of time I save up. I have learnt for myself - when I indulge in something without any expectation of tangible returns, I earn the best fruits of labour! And this thought which just fleeted by and now seems so obvious, is one such.

What am I really doing in this process of recycling and reusing? I am actually giving a new form to the discarded inanimate stuff. The things I gave new life to in this little process - the discarded frame and the almost dried colors, which would have eventually gone I-don't-know-where, had I not diluted and used them. And now these withered colors are lively again, in a new form, on a new medium, and add up with the existing zillion shades in this universe for a while at least. Is this not the similar to what we know as the nature's way of the 'Circle of Life'?

So, it looks like I created a Circle of Life for the throwaway frame and the other stuff I have been picking up from literally anywhere on earth, if I see I can do something worthy out of it. My family 'n' friends call me a ragpicker, garbage collector - Not a very pleasant title to earn but I accept it with glee knowing what my intentions are!

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