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Climate Karma

This post follows from Padmini's a.k.a @climatekarma 's post on 'Fair Trade' on Instagram (

@climatekarma - In case, you read this, I am pleased to see your handle and your beliefs on 'climate karma' s.

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I have been contemplating on this both from the POV of producers and consumers of environmental friendly products which may go a long way in bringing about positive climate changes. And the situation, in my knowledge is pretty appalling at least in India. As a consumer, I try and buy climate friendly products, but most often than not I step back because of the heavily priced tags. I really do not want to spend Rs 600 for 500 gms of zero waste detergent, or Rs 250 for 20 gms of toothpaste, or Rs 300 for a meagre quantity of peanut butter! And I am fortunate I can at least positively consume and contribute to the small scale producers for their modest pricing. I, also personally know of some small - medium producers and what they are really doing to promote real fair trade for both producers and consumers. Coming to my real question - and I really am looking for an unbiased answer - If one were to really promote climate change, and if the promoters of large scale businesses, which cover a good portion of the market of environmental friendly products, or atleast have a good outreach for the amount they can invest in marketing, keep selling their products at exorbitant prices, how are these to reach the common people who cannot afford those? And India in general being a third world country, has a population which in no way can think of procuring this, infact for them 'environmental friendly', 'organic', 'vegan' are probably jargons used with pomp by the affluent! So if these products can only be consumed by a very small strata, how does this climate change take place, even with products available. A large portion has to consume it for a change, yeah?

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Another thought that intrigues me, and I am no different from the other contributors to this thought (maybe a tad bit better), why don't the very people who laud about a green environment and resorting to eco friendly stuff, with all the show of their produces and purchases, reduce their travels in air conditioned cars by resorting to public transport like the Metro Services (which is most cities also has A/Cs) or A/C buses to start with to reduce carbon emissions? Ask them to use public transport in the month of May and I need not speak any further.

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