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Covid-19 and an Epidemic

A short note: I wrote this post during the covid times, but I did not journal this. Many more of such will soon appear on my blog.


The whole world is grappling with this deadly pandemic, and I incidentally watched the short ‘Strasbourg 1518’ by Jonathan Glazer. The city witnessed the epidemic we know as the 'Dancing

Plague'. It’s said the outbreak began when a woman started dancing hysterically on the streets, and this spread across the whole city. The whole city in a mania, unable to stop for days or even months! Still not sure whether it was mass hysteria or something else and also how long this continued. But does it not seem scary? It does to me! Trite as it may sound, whoever said “Excess of everything is bad”, (whatever be the cause) was so right, yeah? And this does not spare anything!

This short is beautiful, just beautiful and probably the reason it elicits pain!

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