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Figuring it out

Figuring, by the 'Brainpicker', Maria Popova

I think this is the hundredth time I am ranting about the toll this pandemic has been taking on me, as if I had lesser to deal with! Yes, Dec 2019 till date has been pretty daunting for me. Well, things are hard for everyone, and I am no exception, so I guess it is what it is.

However, I am gradually figuring out ways to create my own ecosystem of positives - plants, voluntary engagement activities for kids, changes in my work, a deeper delve into the love/solace/antidote of my life - my Dance, to keep me upbeat. My reading had completely come to a halt, for my inability to concentrate for more than 10 mins. But I guess the other activities have helped me to get to a point where I can at least read an an an article of average length at a go. When you try hard you do make it, atleast to a certain extent. Yeah, its true.

And yeah, writing, never mind the quality, is another activity I am frequent at more than ever. Well catharsis is too strong a word, but it's definitely a vent when I need to talk. Sometimes I feel the need to write just then. I write on IG, but that has limits. Now - my idea, the roots of which I am not sure of, of a blog post, is a pretty lengthy article 'n' more often than not my posts are somewhere the middle so it's neither a microblog entry nor a post! Hmph, what should I call it - the urban dictionary bloglet? I think I will leave it to a blog post.

Anyways, I'll continue.

With the situations little relaxed, (well, here a relaxed situation does not at all allude to a safe one, give, our country's fatality numbers), I have started venturing out of home, even alone 'cause many are still wary of the situation and that is justified and sane!

So, the other day I went to lunch at Sage. I did not have the greatest experience as far as the food was concerned, but what I discovered was this book 'Figuring' by Maria Popova, the brainpicker for her Brainpickings, in a rather nondescript, neglected corner of the cafe, all dusty. What a way to treat a book, with all those chants on the goodness of living and resorting to organic, vegan food et al! I think this released in early 2019 and I had no clue of its existence! Brainpickings is by far my favourite thing! And 'Figuring' is going to be my next purchase.

Treatment of a book as seen in Sage! Shame!

If you are wondering why I have not done it yet, I have been contemplating between the Kindle Edition and a Paperback. I definitely prefer physical books but then I need to keep referring to the dictionary every now and then. I mean, I have to. Given this, online books work better. And the other thing - is I can read it just before sleep, which is my usual reading time, and I don't need to worry about turning off any switch, the biggest distraction, just when I am about to go off. So yeah given all this I think I am going to pay Rs 600/- extra for the Kindle edition and place the order right now, and make this the next positive thing in my ecosystem! See ya!

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