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Indian Coffee House - A quick note

India Coffee House, Kolkata. Image Source - Google Images

While I stare at this picture, memories, triggered by a picture of the ICH someone shared on Facebook, flash of this no-frills old coffee house we used to frequent during college days when we visited College Street to get books! The mid 19th century coffee house had a bustling air, what with the occupants, once in, probably never left before good 4-5 hours whiled away.

Touristy as it may sound, I still die for this typical-of-bengal old world building, with high ceilings, and clicking ceiling fans, the watery pale mildly caffeinated drink, only a bit lukewarm if it's the hot coffee instead of the cold one served, the Bengal style beetroot vegetable Chops seething in overused oil, the nonchalant vibes of the waiters, still in their white uniforms of the colonial times, more visible on the cashier, the boisterous clamour or the 'Adda' of college-goers who flocked this place for it was welcome to their student-life-light pockets and the unnoticed warmth, figuratively for sure and literally too!

There are numerous anecdotes around this place, some I have heard of

- this brings me to wonder if these are chronicled. It would make a good buy! Okay I am checking into Amazon!

Adios till the next one.

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