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News of Today

A life going hunky dory,

Suddenly saw a slip,

Temporary I thought,

But slips and injuries inside and out,

Got steeper and deeper.

‘It is pointless planning for a goal’ -

Was unacceptable at first,

But accepted with hiccups to start with,

And eventually gracefully.

‘Learning is what I can do,

No tangible return is alright’

My happiness knew no bounds

When life gifted me this -

A lesson so profound.

Today I work hard at whatever I like,

At whatever comes my way.

And this is the news of today ,

I am one in the few, who made it for the Visual Art Summer Residency,


Yes! My application got through for a Summer Residency course which I have been coveting, in Illustration and Visual Storytelling at School of Visual Art, NYC

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