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Queer Pigtails

At the railway station

Waiting for my train to arrive

I hear the announcement

The train’s approaching

A sudden visceral feeling

‘Why?’ I ask myself

Why this discomfort

It’s the train approaching

The train I was waiting for

‘Yeah!’, I tell myself

I keep thinking, lost.

Till the train door’s right before me

People rushing, pushing me

Scrambling to get in

For this trip they have planned.

I had planned mine too!

‘O come on, get in’ I tell myself,

I get in and am seated, still visceral

And clueless

I feel fully expended with no energy.

I slept off I think,

For now I don’t see the same people

Before the train started.

I spot a little girl with pigtails

It’s the queer pigtails I recognise,

And something about her eyes,

Yes she was there,

and so was her mother,

and so were the others,

I now recognise everything,

Fully aware and awake.

I needed this sleep

While waiting for the train to arrive

At the railway station.

Artwork: Anonymous, Google Images

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