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Psychology behind the quickest Haircut

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

A short note: I wrote this post during the covid times, but I did not journal this. Many more of such will soon appear on my blog.


Disclaimer: Unless and until you are extremely bored or you know for sure nothing can be worse than how you are at that moment or are okay with any change whatsoever - you might not want to attempt this, cause if done in a hurry, like I did, you might not feel great for atleast sometime. Which is not good.

Coming to me, it happens many a times, I decide in less than a second I want something done, and I waste very little before I get started, assuming I have the minimal tools or I even go a couple extra miles to get that done. Well, in this case there was no question of miles. (I mean literally)

It's 1:52 am now and I lost about 8 inches of my hair. Well, lost is the wrong word, I mean I chopped it off in no time!

And how this happened - I was wide awake, and I was in no mood of any read, movie and all of that! Trust me I have no idea why I clicked on some hair styling vid prompt which came up on YouTube when I had actually entered the app for something that is in no way related to hair styling. Just so you know, I am not into hair styling and all of that. Am far too impatient for these.. Which brings me to double guess Youtube's algorithm for prompts for a persona!

Anyhow, coming back to how I went about in YT, you know how it is, I lost track, the real thing is still left unexplored, and I mindlessly hopped from one video to another! O well, I spotted a link which said something in the lines of Hair Cut at home in 10 mins. You again got to trust me, I had no intention of chopping off my hair, in fact I was pretty happy that it had grown so long! I don't know what happened and I ran to the living room where Sam was engrossed in his Barcelona Paris match and I went - "I am going to have a hair cut"! I mean I really am not good a writer to do justice to describe the look he had on this face! But all I could read was "now what is is girl going to put me through". His nonchalant "Ok" annoyed me, I snooted and marched back to my room with scissors and newspaper. How I wish I was so confident and prompt always. The hair cut was done in 5 mins! It's so damn easy!

Sam came in to check and his look was a mix of dismay, defeat and I would like to imagine some admiration for my talent!

Even if this had gone really wrong, I know for sure I would not have felt bad at all, just that my mood willing I would have to go to the salon to get it fixed (hopefully the next morning) !

So, do I put up a video - "Haircut at home in 5 mins?"

Who knows I regret losing so much hair tomorrow, but I did have a time of my life the last 30 mins! Carpe diem?

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