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The Tweenies

Gabriela and Federer

When I say I love sports I mean the deep emotions, the spirit, the attitude, aggressiveness I get heavily sucked into, and yeah, it has many lessons for me, more than I can speak of in just one article. Well, I would love to write a separate post on it. If I were to be honest, there are so many intricacies and rules, savoured by the connoisseurs, I am really unaware of. Thankfully (for me) curious that I am, I make an attempt to find out. Yeah, I can get quite peevish for people, I am watching a match with, who have to deal with my slew of questions and answer those right then, so they can continue peacefully, I guess.

However, the sports I enjoy most are cricket, tennis and football.

On a work day, I had been dilly dallying since the morning, heavily distracted - switching from one article to the other, and was snowed in all the feeds on the Social Media from Instagram to Facebook to Behance et al. A video showed up on my FB feed on the best tennis serves and I went into an exciting spiral.

I watched this 'Roger's tweener' very commonly known amongst the aficionados and have been tripping on it! My husband's Gaby (Sabatini) and 'Sabatweenie', as she was known for her tweeners, was a pro at it, 20 years back!

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