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Thoughts against Time

Quality education is the right of every individual on this planet. People working towards delivering quality education to those who are born in an environment where survival's a question mark, are, I believe, participating in a noble deed.

Who knows how education can transform an individual? An individual emerging from a place where existence remains a question mark, on receiving good education, can harbour thoughts, thinkable by none other. Thoughts which can transform the world into a place, where one would want to live on forever.

Let's not think of today, tomorrow, the next year, the next decade, the next century, or the next millennium.

These thinkers disappear into nothingness. Their thoughts, reflections, introspections remain scribed in volumes as books, essay and chronicles. A ruthless, extraordinarily powerful cyclone comes and sweeps the entire planet. What are books and novels to this giant? They all vanish, again into nothingness. A generation of new unheard-of species, start populating this planet, when seemingly nothing is left on earth. These species want to settle in. They start cleaning up the portion of the planet that belongs to them. One finds undecipherable scripts while excavating. Did we not excavate and find similar such scripts, from age old civilisations till we could trace it to its inception? One trace found is never the last one. One leads to the other and the scripts are decoded one day and I assume the rules do not change for any civilisation. They make sense to perhaps only 100 in a zillion. Perhaps they bring about some transformation akin to what we have witnessed today and these scripts are preserved, and passed on. The invention of the wheel, though born out of necessity, is the biggest testimony of this. Did the one who first thought about making a wheel know he was in a way building the world we are in today?

We are now talking about the strength of a thought, the transformations it brings across civilizations, a thought competing with time, in the context of termination!

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