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Why did I fret?

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Artwork - 'Young man on the Chair' by Giovanni Colacicchi, 1926

While I was in school,

A bright student,

I wrote a bad exam,

I felt uncomfortable,

Spent days thinking of my inadequacies,

Now, 25 years away from then,

Do I even think of those days

And I ask myself

Why did I fret those days?

At a store one day,

I spotted my favourite jam

Unable to control,

I forcefully tried squeezing out the jar

Kept in the the second row

Of a shelf of neatly arranged jam jars,

And those in front came

Came crashing down!

I did not dare look at anyone

But felt their scorns and ridicule,

And the amount I had to pay to compensate,

Meant a huge loss.

My world had crashed for a fortnight

Now 11 years away from then

Do I even think of that day?

And, I ask myself,

Why did I fret those days?

I befriended a guy

Funny and intelligent

Our friendship grew,

My life felt inseparable from the humour, laughter, conversations and warmth,

And he had to leave

How would I accept this?

And sobbed profusely the day he left

Now, 6 years away from then,

I remember the good times andI hope he does too -

Beyond that do I care?

And,I ask my self

Why did I fret those days?

Today I have days

Some happy, some unusual,

Some in depths of despair,

And nothing feels right

And I feel it never will.


Looking back at my yesteryears,

I feel blessed

Bad days came my way,

And half a year away from today

Will I think of this day?

I hope to move ahead much wiser

And, I ask myself

Why do I fret today?

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